President George W. Bush’s Press Secretary, Ari Fleischer, to Deliver Keynote at NobleCon Investor Conference

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, December 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

Noble Capital Markets, Inc. (“Noble”) announced today that Ari Fleischer, White House Press Secretary for President George W. Bush, will deliver a keynote address at Noble’s sixteenth annual small & micro-cap investor conference (“NobleCon16”) to be held at the new flagship Hard Rock Guitar Hotel, February 16-18, 2020, located 10 minutes west of Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

“Considering the first full day of the conference is Presidents’ Day, which will be only two weeks after the Iowa Caucus, Ari Fleischer brings a unique perspective to what will undoubtedly be a historic presidential election year,” said Mark Pinvidic, Noble’s Managing Partner.

In the role of White House Press Secretary, Fleischer served during the contested presidential election of 2000 (Florida’s “hanging chads”), September 11 (“9/11”), the start of two U.S. wars, and the anthrax attacks. In the private sector, Fleischer has managed international media relations for high-profile companies and individuals, including former Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper, regularly contributes to FOX News, and authored the New York Times best-selling book, Taking Heat, which chronicles the incredible challenges faced during his years in the White House.

In the years he spent working for President Bush, Fleischer learned the gravity of the issues and decisions that impact our lives. Using his experience, expertise and insight, Fleischer will shed new light on the events playing out today at home and around the world—from the turmoil in North Africa and Middle East to the budget battles in Congress to the political discourse gripping our politics. And, of utmost importance to the NobleCon audience, he will be sharing his first-hand knowledge of the Bush administration and the current White House initiatives to stimulate growth in the small business sector.

“Small business is the fuel of the American economy. I applaud Noble for their efforts to support small & micro-cap companies through NobleCon and I’m proud to be part of this important event,” said Fleischer.

The Ari Fleischer keynote address is the first of many announcements Noble expects to make over the next two weeks, including additional keynotes and the details of six different panel presentations covering Oncology, Inflammasomes Immunotherapy Agents, Type 1 Diabetes, Precious Metals Exploration, Cannabis and International Transportation & Logistics. Further details of Issuer Empowerment Sessions and networking events is available on

Who should attend NobleCon16?
Illiquid, underfollowed and/or misunderstood small & micro-cap companies that are interested in building awareness through presentations and one-on-one meetings with members of the investment community, including institutions, money managers, family offices, investment advisors, independent brokers, self-directed investors and equity analysts. Keynotes, panel presentations, empowerment sessions and networking events ensure a non-stop business agenda over the two-day conference.

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