Noble Capital Markets, Inc. Announces Cannabis Panel Discussion to Bring Clarity to a Broad Spectrum of Industry Trends

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, February 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

Noble Capital Markets, Inc. (“Noble”) announced today that it has assembled a panel of recognized experts of the current state of the cannabis industry to present a discussion titled: “Back Down to Reality? What Investors Should Know about Cannabis Stocks in 2020” at Noble’s 16th annual small and microcap investor conference. NobleCon16 is scheduled to take place at the new Hard Rock Guitar Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on February 16-18, 2020.

Cannabis-related markets, including medicinal, recreational, and homeopathic, require legal cultivators, producers, researchers, developers, industry standards, and a regulatory framework including legal specialists. The panel will include no fewer than six executives with expertise in each of the key areas of interest to investors. The audience can expect to hear opinions on what is expected from regulators, M&A expectations, VC funding activity, when to expect equities in the sector to rebound, and innovations we should expect in the future.

The panel members invited to this discussion have been hand-selected for Noble by the research distribution platform Channelchek. The experts are pulled from VC funds, CBD companies, an industry news and information publisher, specialized lawyer, supply chain expert, industry staffing and education.

  • Arby Barroso, Co-founder at Green Roads World
  • Brett Finkelstein, Managing Director at Phyto Partners, LP
  • Jason Spatafora, Owner at
  • Jonathan Conforti, Vice President of Corporate Development, Abacus Health Products, Inc.
  • Matt Ginder, Partner at Greenspoon Marder, LLP
  • Roman Bond, Founder at The Leafy Group
  • Robert Friedman (Moderator), Founder at Cannabis Labs

For investors, the overall public market performance for the industry, as a whole, backed off considerably in 2019. The panel will identify new trends for the coming years expected to take hold in this exciting growth industry.

“There are so many dedicated, innovative players moving this new industry forward. We are proud to be placing these recognized agents-of-change on our stage to share their knowledge and expectations with investors,” said Nico Pronk, CEO of Noble.

Noble has previously announced Jeb Bush and Ari Fleischer as keynote speakers at NobleCon16. Additional panels, which are designed to cover advancements and investment opportunities in life sciences, mining, and transportation, will further enhance the agenda with thought-provoking content and investment ideas. For the most current information, visit the websites listed below.

Who should attend NobleCon16?
Small & microcap company executives who wish to present to and meet, one-on-one, with members of the investment community, including institutions, money managers, family offices, investment advisors, independent brokers, self-directed investors, and equity analysts. NobleCon also offers numerous networking events designed to build awareness for companies that may be illiquid, underfollowed, misunderstood and/or orphaned. Often these are the companies with the most compelling investment opportunities.

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