Noble LSP serves as Sole Co-Manager for Cynapsus Therapeutics (CYNA) $72,450,000 initial public offering (IPO)

June 2015

Noble LSP began working with Cynapsus Therapeutics in 2013 through publishing equity research and advising the company on various aspects of the capital markets. Noble assisted the company in building institutional investor awareness and interest through numerous non-deal road shows and key opinion leader (KOL) calls in support of their lead product candidate. Noble also served as the company’s sole U.S. placement agent for their $25,000,000 CAD private placement in August 2014 and then the sole placement agent for the company's $21,000,000 CAD private placement in March 2015.

"We are especially proud of the working partnership we formed and successfully executed with Cynapsus Therapeutics" according to Shawn Titcomb, Managing Director and Head of Investment and Merchant Banking at Noble Life Science Partners. "We are even more proud of the potential that Cynapsus Therapeutics' sublingual thin film formulation of apomorphine may serve upon FDA approval for the use in patients affected by OFF episodes associated with Parkinson's disease".

About Cynapsus Therapeutics
Cynapsus is a specialty central nervous system pharmaceutical company developing and preparing to commercialize a Phase 3, fast-acting, easy-to-use, sublingual thin film for the on-demand turning ON of debilitating OFF episodes associated with Parkinson's disease.

About Noble Life Science Partners
Noble LSP is a life science investment and merchant banking boutique built upon fundamental research and scientific due diligence. Through its scientific advisory board (SAB), healthcare equity research analysts and investment bankers, Noble LSP combines industry and scientific knowledge to provide its clients with value-added research, advisory, investment and merchant banking services. Noble life Science Partners is a division of Noble Financial Capital Markets.